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Today is September 18, 2016. It’s a good day & I’m spending it alone in Innisfree – a fair trade and local coffee shop, which makes me love it even more.

Last night, I babysat for a new family, & the kids were adorable. Today, Kiersten told me that the family loved me and it was really good to hear. It also reminded me of how last semester when I “interviewed” for another family’s one day a week sitter, I left the “interview” thinking to myself “well, didn’t get that one lol”, (and i didn’t get it). But I also think back to last semester and realize, I would not have survived with the extra weekly commitment.

Freshman year, I remember walking out of my RA interview knowing I messed the interview up, but I think back and realize I wouldn’t have met Lindsey, my random roommate, who has become another sister to me and helped me grow SO much.

I kept thinking back to even more “failures”. The reason I have this in quotations is because I realized that these failures weren’t really failures; they were life events leading me towards a different path that was more fit for me, my purpose, and who I’m supposed to become. Failures are God’s way of leading you in the right direction. Praise, today is such a good day.






today was a good day. on friday, andrew, an older brothah from another mothah, came back to colorado and took the time to spend half a day with me to just talk about life. it’s so simple, but it honestly made my day to think that someone actually cares enough to go out of their way to have a really boring conversation about…life?

people like andrew remind yourself why you give time and reach out to other people. at the same time, it made me realize that a) there are actually a lot of people around us who are investing in each of us that we take for granted and b) our heavenly father is also reaching out to get to know us better. he’s also right there wanting to listen and hear everything. oh haiiiiii,

being the best you can be


hello friends! it’s now summer! and it’s so exciting! why? because you can FINALLY have that harry potter marathon you’ve been dying to have, and you can finally have those late night phone calls with your best friend and not have it haunt you the rest of the day, let alone week.

i think something i’ve realized is that time is limited. i have control over what i’m going to accomplish and how i’m going to spend it, and more than anything i will never be in my twenties again (aka lots of adventure and personal growth – really focusing on becoming the best you can be). that being said, i’ve realized that being the best i can be IS dependent on where i am, what opportunities lie, & who i’m surrounded by.

ex A: i absolutely love going home; my mom is the BEST cook. So obviously, when i go home, i don’t cook because why would i waste GOOD FOOD?  in fact, i didn’t even begin learning how to cook until i started living on my own, and i’m STILL learning. Now that it’s summer and I’m living on my own (+awesome patient roommate), I’ve been able to cook a new meal at least 1-2 times a week, and it’s great! But, I wouldn’t be able to do this in my previous setting.

When I’m living on my own, despite how much I love going home, I realize that I am becoming the best version of myself. and there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, i think it’s a good thing to challenge yourself, take that risk to explore, and realize what nutrients you need to grow. so…i challenge you to do the same. how can you be the best you can be?


human nachure


So i learned this at core group the other day and thought it was so cool:

psychologists say that we as humans mostly want to be known and to be accepted, which makes sense. if you talk about celebrities who have all the money, they’re never happy because money isn’t satisfying. satisfaction always relates to people you surround yourself with and how deep your relationships are. (this also means there’s no point in keeping your money so you can give it to me)

anyways, the cool part is: humans are like that in nature because we are made in the image of God. God wants us to accept him, and us to know him, and more than anything God wants us to have a relationship with him. WHAAAAAT.

ok peace ~sal

i’ve finally switched on the light bulb


I’m not gonna lie, I started summer on a real low point. Normally, whether it’s school or work or organizing some event, there is always something to do. When summer started, there wasn’t. And not having that, gave me this really empty and unsatisfying feeling. I noticed myself just longing to start work…which was a month away.

THEN. I started reading the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

“When each day is the same as the next, it’s because people fail to recognize the good things that happen in their lives every day that the sun rises”(27, Coelho).

OOOOOHHH shit. That night I spontaneously went to a Lana Del Rey concert and my summer really started. There is so much I want to do, but I never can do because I don’t have time. And now, I have that time. Each day is a gift. Each day has something good in it. At the end of the day, if I look back and can’t say at least one good thing about that day, it’s my attitude and perspective about life that needs to change, nothing else.

size of ur stich


You know it’s interesting because it always seemed like people who go through traumatic life events are so much more mature than I am. After going through a traumatic life experience, they seem to know who they are, what they want in life, you know? It bothered me because as shallow as this sounds, I wanted to go through a traumatic life experience in order to find myself, in order to become a stronger and more interesting person. Ridiculous, right?

I always remembered hearing that God will only put you through what you can handle (which I just found out is not actually written in the Bible, God says he won’t allow you to be tempted above your abilities). Despite all of this information that I just learned, my natural instinct was to think “Wow, God doesn’t think I can handle anything then…because my life seems SO extremely mediocre.” But, I was wrong. I realized that I have little problems that I’ve overlooked and haven’t fixed. There are problems that I’ve been avoiding and running away from. And although they are small, my situations are not any less valuable of an experience than someone going through a problem at a much more traumatic level. I mean, these struggles aren’t always as life changing, but these situations do shape me into who I am. And in reality, God knows exactly what he’s doing. He knows exactly what I can handle. And that is what became evident.

Fresh NewsPaper


Hello I just wanted to share a quick post because I normally do about 1 a month since about forever and currently it is 11:49 on MARCH 31st! I have so much to talk about except I haven’t had the time to elaborate.

Anyways, today I quickly want to share a new lifestyle change. It’s awesome! Last week was spring break. So, I made it a point to catch up on life. I had some form of exercise every day except for two break days. One included farming!! Well, farming was actually weeding. Haha, but that inspired me to start gardening this summer! Other activities included snowboarding, and normal gym eliptical treadmill exercises. Let me just tell you, sticking to an exercise program is easier when you have an accountability partner. Mine is Bridgit, because we’re running the Bolder Boulder together! However she’s back in college now so……..

And then I also started eating healthier. I haven’t eaten at any fast food places since last week. And trust me, I know that sounds so bad, like I eat outside ridiculously or something. LET ME JUST CLARIFY. I used to succumb to temptation by buying a large Chik-Fil-A fries whenever I drove by it before piano. Or, not only eat the lunch my mom packed for me. But ALSO eat panera. Or some other restaurant idk. I just had a very hard time disciplining myself. SO, last week I did discipline myself. And this week, when I went to piano…I DIDN’T BUY CHICK FIL A. I was proud of myself. Now please don’t think I lavishly spend my money on food. I don’t. But there’s more that I can save if I discipline myself. So I did!

Also one last note: Today I spoke with a college admissions officer. She was the head of the aerospace engineering program. We talked for a half an hour. Unfortunately it was not because I had so many questions, but because she was so passionate! She had so much to say because when you’re passionate about something you just want to continue discussing it! You have so many comments about it! And stories! So now my next step to this lifestyle is finding my passion. Because I truly don’t think I have found it yet. Anyways.


11:59!! I will blog a deeper insight later friends. 😉