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being the best you can be


hello friends! it’s now summer! and it’s so exciting! why? because you can FINALLY have that harry potter marathon you’ve been dying to have, and you can finally have those late night phone calls with your best friend and not have it haunt you the rest of the day, let alone week.

i think something i’ve realized is that time is limited. i have control over what i’m going to accomplish and how i’m going to spend it, and more than anything i will never be in my twenties again (aka lots of adventure and personal growth – really focusing on becoming the best you can be). that being said, i’ve realized that being the best i can be IS dependent on where i am, what opportunities lie, & who i’m surrounded by.

ex A: i absolutely love going home; my mom is the BEST cook. So obviously, when i go home, i don’t cook because why would i waste GOOD FOOD?  in fact, i didn’t even begin learning how to cook until i started living on my own, and i’m STILL learning. Now that it’s summer and I’m living on my own (+awesome patient roommate), I’ve been able to cook a new meal at least 1-2 times a week, and it’s great! But, I wouldn’t be able to do this in my previous setting.

When I’m living on my own, despite how much I love going home, I realize that I am becoming the best version of myself. and there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, i think it’s a good thing to challenge yourself, take that risk to explore, and realize what nutrients you need to grow. so…i challenge you to do the same. how can you be the best you can be?



Exponential Love


I just wanted to share a wonderful insight today. My boss has been dating her fiance for almost five years (Maybe longer?). Their names are Chris and Carly…literally the cutest couple name ever. Carly has told me many stories about Chris, but I had never actually met Chris until today when he surprised Carly at work. 

I have known Carly for about a year, and I have never seen Carly so… (for lack of better words) happy and giggly before. Even after being together five years later, Carly is still on cloud nine with the love of her life. And that to me is amazing. This is real, growing love. 

Our generation has become so inherently selfish and unwilling to compromise that it is so rare now to see this type of love. A relationship becomes about I, not us, our family, and our loved ones. And this doesn’t imply just marriage, this includes any relationship. For example, friendships and relationships with relatives. And I know that there is a difference between platonic love and romantic love, but they both stem from the same concept – love. A true relationship means you are willing to accept an individual’s imperfections as their perfect personality. It means you will love this individual for who they really are no matter what. 

Chris and Carly’s relationship really inspired me to invest more of myself in the relationships I care about, to increase my love for these individuals each and everyday. In earlier posts I talked about how the only way to love is through God. I always pray that my marriage will have the same excitement and growing love Chris and Carly already do. And I pray the love Chris and Carly have for each other continues to grow and grow and grow.

The shape of your particle


So back to what I dressed up for TOK – disappointment, rejection, failure. With college apps, programs, and scholarships all over the place, rejection is something you have to get used to. And trust me, this wasn’t (isn’t) easy, especially when it makes you feel like nothing you’ve done matters. 

But the thing is, there’s only so much you can do. God takes care of the rest. If you don’t do as well as you hoped, or don’t get into the program you wanted to get in, maybe God doesn’t want you there. God has another plan for you. 

Truth is, failure is inevitable. We can’t let failure knock us down because we have an entire future ahead of us. And we need this positive attitude to keep us going. We need this positive attitude to realize the value God has instilled within us. We need this attitude to know that our life isn’t a waste. That extra five minutes you take to finish your math assignment is an extra five minutes that you used in your life to help you understand that concept better for yourself. That extra five minutes might help you prepare for something you do in the future. 

Truth is: everything you do and everything you go through shapes who you are. I remember earlier I quoted a verse: “For we are God’s handiwork created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do” (Ephesians 2:10, NIV). 

And it’s true. You may not use what you learn in the near future…but God very well knows why you’re learning it. God knows very well why not everything runs smoothly. God is only preparing you. 

This is something my dad had to remind me of the other day. And coming from him, was a blessing and something I definitely needed to hear. 

Do it for yourself


I truly appreciate people who things because they want to. I hate when people do things because they are trying please/impress others, or because someone is telling them that is what they should do, or even for a college application. I see this in today’s era where people party just to show others that they “know how to have a good time.” Or people let others control what they do in their relationships. Or even, “I’m going to do this community service because it looks good for my resume”.

You know yourself better than anyone who is trying to dictate your life. I’m not saying completely ignore these people, their perspective or advice can be helpful…but it’s advice. You use it to HELP you make the decision rather than make the decision for you.

When you go to school every day, you should want to learn. You shouldn’t be doing it for the grade. When you go to work, you should want to do it help your company, not want the money. When you do community service, you should do it because you want to. You want to help those people. When you make decisions, you should do it because YOU want to. YOU feel that it’s the right decision. You aren’t here on this earth to please anyone else, other than God. (And those slight exceptions like parents…but those are more responsibilities. In the same way, you should want to be responsible for them.)

And the only way you will know its the right decision is tied into your relationship with God. That’s why you have to pray. That’s a different topic though. I know I’m not perfect, but it’s what I’m trying to follow. I need to be able to form my own opinions, my own decisions. I am an independent woman who has God making these decisions with me.

And just to clarify, if you’re one of those individuals who worry about being good enough for college, I understand. But if you end up doing things for college that don’t fit you (aka you don’t like to do it), you’re going to end up at a college that doesn’t fit you. If you do things for yourself, you will actually end up at a college that fits you. And that’s what you ultimately want.

So next time you do anything, ask yourself why you’re doing it. Not only does it give you motivation to actually do it, you’ll find greater purpose in yourself.

Purpose of Life


Hi 🙂 I’m sorry it took so long to get back on. I’m sure my readers are just soo eager read my posts :). Hahah.

Two weekends ago I went to a church conference in Dallas. It was amazing. Not only did I meet people this time, God allowed me to learn something. It was so weird. Before the conference I was stuck on this question of: What is the purpose of my life? If God already knows what I’m going to do…what is the point? It is like God is watching a movie he already knows the ending to. What is the point? Now think about that …

At the conference: Sermon #2 
Our purpose in life is to praise God. And not because he is a conceded God, but because if we didn’t glorify him in everything we did we would become self centered beings. The one and only way to reach ultimate satisfaction or pleasure is not through sexual or drug addictions. The one and only way is through glorifying God. 

What. That to me was such a satisfying answer. Before the conference I asked God to speak to me. He literally directly spoke to me. And it makes perfect sense. In anything we do, we should be doing it for God. He didn’t need us. He wanted us. The maker of the mountains and the heavens wants us. Frankly, I find that extremely flattering. So, we have no reason not to do everything for him. #GloryToGod



11:54 on September 3rd. Time for sleep… after I blog 😉 

I know hearing that “God has a plan for you” over and over again is so repetitive. It gets to a point where “God has a plan for you” sounds so cliche, it doesn’t have the meaning it used to. God has a plan? A plan for me to go to school/work? To live a routine lifestyle? To get old and die?  No. Well, maybe. How will I know what choices to make? How will I know this is where I’m supposed to be? How do I know I don’t have to fear or be worried about my future? 

I ran into this verse last week:
“For we are God’s handiwork created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do” (Ephesians 2:10, NIV). God has a plan that he has prepared you in advance for. Each event in your life is preparing you for your future job…your future family…or even your future relationship with God. Personally, I found that consoling. It has definitely been my source of motivation. You are prepared in advance. 


July The Fourth Be With You


Happy Fourth of July my Friends!

So, after reading more blogs I get so excited. I think the easiest way to motivate and open yourself up is to write down a list of things that make you happy or things that you are looking forward to. I’ll start!

*Being productive – I hate wasting my days. I always need to do something! Whether it’s finishing up some homework, touring Highlands Ranch, or even visiting/spending time with old friends. 🙂

*Buying an entire cute outfit – Today! Tina! and I! Bought a matching Fourth of July outfit to wear to our friend’s house tonight. Cheesy…but exciting.

*Nice weather – not too hot not too cold…more sun than wind though. In this weather you can do anything!

*Sleep – not too much…but just enough to not have people tell me I look tired…which literally happens on a daily basis

*Events to look forward to – Whether it’s a graduation party or hanging out with an old friend

*Foods make my mom makes – Goat, Smoothies, Doshas, Her Indian Food (Heart Eye Emoji), Really anything she makes


*Red Mango when I have my VISTA CARD YAYA

*Finding new music/ a new favorite song that is put on repeat for the next week

*Being Spiritually Revived



*Dressing up for a reason – literally I will not dress up for the sake of dressing up. That is useless.

*Doing cheesy things – like watching the sunset…stargazing…car dinner dates…if you know where I’m getting at 😉

*Not watching movies – unless they’re good…but usually I fall asleep

*Becoming a better person – I just read a blog that said… listening more, like to every detail your friend says or to the details around you can make you a better person. One simple tip a day.


*Omg little kids – like babies that you want to squish. No not pedoey…shush I know what you’re thinking.

*Going to the gym – haven’t done this in awhile…

*CANDY CRUSH – currently on level 65

*Running into people you don’t expect – HAHAHA this happened yesterday

*Helping people – honestly sometimes I hate volunteering at the hospital because I feel like my job is so pointless (stocking closets)…but when I realize how much of a difference it makes, the experience has more value to it. The other day I brought a grandpa an extra blanket…and he said “Bless your heart” and literally…that melts my heart :’). Thank you appachan.

*Roadtripping – except you need to be in a good mood. And with exciting people. Otherwise I fall asleep…

*Being happy – it’s always the attitude that you place on your day. If you’re happy…you will have a happy day.

*Parents, Hannah, Goatey, Tina, Bridgit, and Sabrina – couldn’t even imagine my life without these fools. And i enjoy every second with them heh

I could probs go on and on and on and on but now I have stuff to look forward to and I am excited! Now i should shower so I can prep for this awesome fourth of July partayy partay tonight 🙂

But for reals does… if ya’ll do this. It’ll motivate you. GOGOGO and share your list if you want 🙂

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