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Today is September 18, 2016. It’s a good day & I’m spending it alone in Innisfree – a fair trade and local coffee shop, which makes me love it even more.

Last night, I babysat for a new family, & the kids were adorable. Today, Kiersten told me that the family loved me and it was really good to hear. It also reminded me of how last semester when I “interviewed” for another family’s one day a week sitter, I left the “interview” thinking to myself “well, didn’t get that one lol”, (and i didn’t get it). But I also think back to last semester and realize, I would not have survived with the extra weekly commitment.

Freshman year, I remember walking out of my RA interview knowing I messed the interview up, but I think back and realize I wouldn’t have met Lindsey, my random roommate, who has become another sister to me and helped me grow SO much.

I kept thinking back to even more “failures”. The reason I have this in quotations is because I realized that these failures weren’t really failures; they were life events leading me towards a different path that was more fit for me, my purpose, and who I’m supposed to become. Failures are God’s way of leading you in the right direction. Praise, today is such a good day.




being the best you can be


hello friends! it’s now summer! and it’s so exciting! why? because you can FINALLY have that harry potter marathon you’ve been dying to have, and you can finally have those late night phone calls with your best friend and not have it haunt you the rest of the day, let alone week.

i think something i’ve realized is that time is limited. i have control over what i’m going to accomplish and how i’m going to spend it, and more than anything i will never be in my twenties again (aka lots of adventure and personal growth – really focusing on becoming the best you can be). that being said, i’ve realized that being the best i can be IS dependent on where i am, what opportunities lie, & who i’m surrounded by.

ex A: i absolutely love going home; my mom is the BEST cook. So obviously, when i go home, i don’t cook because why would i waste GOOD FOOD?  in fact, i didn’t even begin learning how to cook until i started living on my own, and i’m STILL learning. Now that it’s summer and I’m living on my own (+awesome patient roommate), I’ve been able to cook a new meal at least 1-2 times a week, and it’s great! But, I wouldn’t be able to do this in my previous setting.

When I’m living on my own, despite how much I love going home, I realize that I am becoming the best version of myself. and there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, i think it’s a good thing to challenge yourself, take that risk to explore, and realize what nutrients you need to grow. so…i challenge you to do the same. how can you be the best you can be?


You are your own worst enemy


you know, people come into your life and love you; people come into your life and hurt you. but at the end of the day, you grow and learn so much from it. there are obstacles in our way but (i also read this in the alchemist), no matter what you end up going towards the same destination, your ultimate purpose.

point being, in EVERYTHING, i personally believe there is something you can learn. That’s why I think your worst nightmare can’t really be your worst nightmare. at the end of the day…only you can hinder yourself from not learning something or from telling yourself you’re always right. (you’re NOT always right) I feel like our deepest secrets and thoughts are what we have to overcome. Our egos and pride. Our fears. Without this, we can’t become better people.

You are your own worst enemy.

holy spirit, you are welcome here


“Holy spirit, you are welcome here
Come flood this place and fill the atmosphere
Your glory God is what our hearts long for
To be overcome by your presence Lord”

I definitely needed to hear this. I’ve been pretty distant from God.  Listening to these lyrics made me realize that I’ve literally forgot the sole purpose of my life here – to glorify God through everything and anything I do. Does my relationship with him glorify God? Would God approve?

I know God places others in your life to help you grow. I just pray God guides me and watches over whatever rough patches there are to come. Lord, I need you

Do it for yourself


I truly appreciate people who things because they want to. I hate when people do things because they are trying please/impress others, or because someone is telling them that is what they should do, or even for a college application. I see this in today’s era where people party just to show others that they “know how to have a good time.” Or people let others control what they do in their relationships. Or even, “I’m going to do this community service because it looks good for my resume”.

You know yourself better than anyone who is trying to dictate your life. I’m not saying completely ignore these people, their perspective or advice can be helpful…but it’s advice. You use it to HELP you make the decision rather than make the decision for you.

When you go to school every day, you should want to learn. You shouldn’t be doing it for the grade. When you go to work, you should want to do it help your company, not want the money. When you do community service, you should do it because you want to. You want to help those people. When you make decisions, you should do it because YOU want to. YOU feel that it’s the right decision. You aren’t here on this earth to please anyone else, other than God. (And those slight exceptions like parents…but those are more responsibilities. In the same way, you should want to be responsible for them.)

And the only way you will know its the right decision is tied into your relationship with God. That’s why you have to pray. That’s a different topic though. I know I’m not perfect, but it’s what I’m trying to follow. I need to be able to form my own opinions, my own decisions. I am an independent woman who has God making these decisions with me.

And just to clarify, if you’re one of those individuals who worry about being good enough for college, I understand. But if you end up doing things for college that don’t fit you (aka you don’t like to do it), you’re going to end up at a college that doesn’t fit you. If you do things for yourself, you will actually end up at a college that fits you. And that’s what you ultimately want.

So next time you do anything, ask yourself why you’re doing it. Not only does it give you motivation to actually do it, you’ll find greater purpose in yourself.

Purpose of Life


Hi 🙂 I’m sorry it took so long to get back on. I’m sure my readers are just soo eager read my posts :). Hahah.

Two weekends ago I went to a church conference in Dallas. It was amazing. Not only did I meet people this time, God allowed me to learn something. It was so weird. Before the conference I was stuck on this question of: What is the purpose of my life? If God already knows what I’m going to do…what is the point? It is like God is watching a movie he already knows the ending to. What is the point? Now think about that …

At the conference: Sermon #2 
Our purpose in life is to praise God. And not because he is a conceded God, but because if we didn’t glorify him in everything we did we would become self centered beings. The one and only way to reach ultimate satisfaction or pleasure is not through sexual or drug addictions. The one and only way is through glorifying God. 

What. That to me was such a satisfying answer. Before the conference I asked God to speak to me. He literally directly spoke to me. And it makes perfect sense. In anything we do, we should be doing it for God. He didn’t need us. He wanted us. The maker of the mountains and the heavens wants us. Frankly, I find that extremely flattering. So, we have no reason not to do everything for him. #GloryToGod

Being Pushed


Hello! So I’ve been working at Kumon (an academic enrichment program for kids) for more than a year now and i love it, because you get to know each kid, especially the younger ones, personally. There is a kid named Ryan. He’s about 5, and he purposely likes to not follow rules as joke – as do most kids. He’ll wear his hood when I ask him to take it off. I’ll tell him to focus…and literally 5 minutes later when I’m zoning out he’ll tell ME to focus. It’s funny to say we have a great time together.

Today Ryan had to take a test with me. I kept telling him to put his hood down…but he never did. After his test though… poor Ryan got in trouble for keeping his hood up. After that Ryan was super bummed out. He wouldn’t even look me in the eye! He kept looking down and part of me wanted to laugh because he reminded me of myself, and part of me wanted to do something to make him happy. It was so sad :(. Later while Ryan was waiting for his dad, I went over to talk to him. Now I thought he was bummed out because he got in trouble, so I decided to change the topic and asked him about his test which I thought he did well on.

I was like, “Ryan, how’d you do your test?!”
And his response was, “I failed it.”
“Everyone fails tests it’s okay.”
“No, this is my fourth time failing it…and now my dad’s going to yell at me.”
I giggled a little. Indian parents 🙂
“Ryan, your dad yells because he loves you”
“No he doesn’t.”
“Then why does he yell?”
“I don’t know ask him”

It was funny and sad at the same time. It’s funny because all parents (Indian especially) do this. In fact I still get lectured for getting a 30 on the ACT (No one dare bring the word ACT in my household). It’s sad because at Ryan’s age he can’t understand why his dad kept getting upset. I look back as a child and I would react the same. And 17 years later I only kind of understand. I understand the frustration of how parents spend their career working hard for their children, and want them to succeed to their full potential. And when children give up…or don’t reach their full potential…it’s upsetting.

I related this to God in a similar way. There’s a quote on my piano teacher’s wall that says: “Who you are is your gift from God, what you make of yourself is your gift to God.” So true. We may receive consequences for not listening to God, God may get angry (Or in other words may make us angry. I’m not really sure about the “God may get angry” statement because he is patient…soo someone shed some light) , but in the end everything God does for us is because he loves us. We go through tough times because God knows we can do it. God knows what we are capable of, and won’t take us past our limits, but wants to do everything he can to let us reach our FULL purpose in this lifetime.

I know I ran off on a tangent. But, I’m blessed to have my parents and God push me the way I do. I’m sure in the future, Ryan will feel the same 🙂

God bless.