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good friday


My core group right now is studying the book of John, which is perfect timing with Easter and Good Friday just around the corner. We just finished John 13, where Judas was predicted to betray Jesus. Now if you think about it, it wasn’t just anyone who betray Jesus. Judas was one of the twelve. The disciples were chosen to help spread the Lord’s ministry and essentially taught under God himself. Judas in other words, was a close friend of Jesus. Jesus was betrayed by a good friend of his.

That’s like Don (my sister) betraying me. Or one of my best friends betraying me. To me personally, trust and loyalty are the most important things in a friendship. Being betrayed like that would break down those pillars, I can’t imagine the emotional state I would be in. And Jesus’ relationships are SO much more deeper than my relationships with my closest friends.

We always talk about the physical turmoil that Jesus went through during the crucifixion, but we always forget the emotional damage Jesus went through. Jesus was not only torn apart by this friendship, he was also pushed away from the DEEPEST relationship he had – from his Father. I honestly cannot fathom my mental stability, I would not be okay. And that’s how much God loves us. John 3:16


human nachure


So i learned this at core group the other day and thought it was so cool:

psychologists say that we as humans mostly want to be known and to be accepted, which makes sense. if you talk about celebrities who have all the money, they’re never happy because money isn’t satisfying. satisfaction always relates to people you surround yourself with and how deep your relationships are. (this also means there’s no point in keeping your money so you can give it to me)

anyways, the cool part is: humans are like that in nature because we are made in the image of God. God wants us to accept him, and us to know him, and more than anything God wants us to have a relationship with him. WHAAAAAT.

ok peace ~sal

holy spirit, you are welcome here


“Holy spirit, you are welcome here
Come flood this place and fill the atmosphere
Your glory God is what our hearts long for
To be overcome by your presence Lord”

I definitely needed to hear this. I’ve been pretty distant from God.  Listening to these lyrics made me realize that I’ve literally forgot the sole purpose of my life here – to glorify God through everything and anything I do. Does my relationship with him glorify God? Would God approve?

I know God places others in your life to help you grow. I just pray God guides me and watches over whatever rough patches there are to come. Lord, I need you



i think one of the most powerful forces the holy spirit instills within us is conviction. I remember last regional retreat I learned that the closer you are with your relationship with God, the more conviction you feel when you’re doing something wrong. I think one of the scariest feelings is seeing that sense of conviction and your conscience disappear. That’s when you know you’re really far away from the right path…

This ties in with my last post about empathizing with God. The closer you are in your relationship with him, the more you understand how and why he feels the way he feels.

break my heart for what breaks yours

Exponential Love


I just wanted to share a wonderful insight today. My boss has been dating her fiance for almost five years (Maybe longer?). Their names are Chris and Carly…literally the cutest couple name ever. Carly has told me many stories about Chris, but I had never actually met Chris until today when he surprised Carly at work. 

I have known Carly for about a year, and I have never seen Carly so… (for lack of better words) happy and giggly before. Even after being together five years later, Carly is still on cloud nine with the love of her life. And that to me is amazing. This is real, growing love. 

Our generation has become so inherently selfish and unwilling to compromise that it is so rare now to see this type of love. A relationship becomes about I, not us, our family, and our loved ones. And this doesn’t imply just marriage, this includes any relationship. For example, friendships and relationships with relatives. And I know that there is a difference between platonic love and romantic love, but they both stem from the same concept – love. A true relationship means you are willing to accept an individual’s imperfections as their perfect personality. It means you will love this individual for who they really are no matter what. 

Chris and Carly’s relationship really inspired me to invest more of myself in the relationships I care about, to increase my love for these individuals each and everyday. In earlier posts I talked about how the only way to love is through God. I always pray that my marriage will have the same excitement and growing love Chris and Carly already do. And I pray the love Chris and Carly have for each other continues to grow and grow and grow.