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being the best you can be


hello friends! it’s now summer! and it’s so exciting! why? because you can FINALLY have that harry potter marathon you’ve been dying to have, and you can finally have those late night phone calls with your best friend and not have it haunt you the rest of the day, let alone week.

i think something i’ve realized is that time is limited. i have control over what i’m going to accomplish and how i’m going to spend it, and more than anything i will never be in my twenties again (aka lots of adventure and personal growth – really focusing on becoming the best you can be). that being said, i’ve realized that being the best i can be IS dependent on where i am, what opportunities lie, & who i’m surrounded by.

ex A: i absolutely love going home; my mom is the BEST cook. So¬†obviously, when i go home, i don’t cook because why would i waste GOOD FOOD?¬† in fact, i didn’t even begin learning how to cook until i started living on my own, and i’m STILL learning. Now that it’s summer and I’m living on my own (+awesome patient roommate), I’ve been able to cook a new meal at least 1-2 times a week, and it’s great! But, I wouldn’t be able to do this in my previous setting.

When I’m living on my own, despite how much I love going home, I realize that I am becoming the best version of myself. and there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, i think it’s a good thing to challenge yourself, take that risk to explore, and realize what nutrients you need to grow. so…i challenge you to do the same. how can you be the best you can be?



You are your own worst enemy


you know, people come into your life and love you; people come into your life and hurt you. but at the end of the day, you grow and learn so much from it. there are obstacles in our way but (i also read this in the alchemist), no matter what you end up going towards the same destination, your ultimate purpose.

point being, in EVERYTHING, i personally believe there is something you can learn. That’s why I think your worst nightmare can’t really be your worst nightmare. at the end of the day…only you can hinder yourself from not learning something or from telling yourself you’re always right. (you’re NOT always right) I feel like our deepest secrets and thoughts are what we have to overcome. Our egos and pride. Our fears. Without this, we can’t become better people.

You are your own worst enemy.